• General question?
    • What is feedbelly?
    • Why order online?
    • How to place an order?
    • Can I pre-order my food for a particular time?
    • How do I ensure my order is not delayed?
    • Is there any delivery charge?
    • How can I book a table?
    • How do I know if my table booking has been confirmed?
    • What if I have food allergy?
    • I am struggling to use the site can I get some help?
    • I can not find my favourite restaurant or takeaway on FeedBelly?
    • I own a restaurant or takeaway, can I join feedbelly?
  • Question concerning orders
    • Will I still be charged if the restaurant declines my order?
    • How long my order take to arrive?
    • What if I want to cancel my order?
    • Can I have my order delivered to a different address?
    • Can I place an order from more than one restaurant at a time?
  • Question concerning my account
  • Question concerning online payment
    • How do I pay?
    • Do you charge extra to pay by Card?
    • If I pay online, when is my card charged?
    • Are my personal details safe on your site?
    • How secure are my card details if I pay online through FeedBelly?
    • Can I save my card details to user account, Is It store securely?
    • How do I remove my save card details?
  • Question concerning points
    • What are FeedBelly ‘points’ and how do they work?
    • How much are FeedBelly points worth?
    • What can i do with my points?
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