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COVID19 - As a result of the recent pandemic, we’ve had to change the way we work, until we have a full workforce again.

DL1, DL2 & DL3 postcodes - please ignore the delivery times. Orders aren’t delivered ‘on demand’ orders will be delivered anytime from 12am - 7pm. For example, if you place an order at 1pm, it’s a possibility it could be delivered at 6pm. We route our deliveries in areas.

We are CLOSED Mondays & Thursdays - however the website will be open for postage orders. If you order for local delivery on any of these 2 days, your order won’t be delivered until the following day.

POSTAGE - postcodes outside of DL1, DL2 & DL3 - please ignore the delivery times. This is only relevant to our local area when we have ‘on demand’ deliveries.

You may notice that there’s a standard £5.90 delivery fee. Most parcels are under 2kg, but some are over.
If your parcel weighs less than 2kg, you will be refunded £2.80. This may take 5-7 days to appear in your account, you do not have to do anything, we will process the refund our end. Parcels weighing over 2kg will be charged the full £5.90

Thanks for your patience during this change - we are constantly updating software that will allow us to iron out a few creases mentioned above.

If you have any allergies - please make a note of these in the comments box!
The comments box is there for any other notes on your order too.

If you have an queries, please either give us a call during opening times 11am - 5pm 01325 741666, or message us on Facebook! 

Thanks for shopping!


Please note: Any special offers and discounts can't be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Boxes and Deals

Original Pick & Mix Box  

Jellies & Fizzies

Chocolate Pick & Mix Box  

Loose Chocolate Sweets

Fizzy Pick & Mix Box  

All fizzies

Jelly & Chocolate Pick & Mix Box  

kinder Box  

Various kinder products

Chocolate Box  

A mix of pre packet chocolate

Mix Up  

Vegetarian Pick & Mix Box  

Contents varies

Pink & Blue Sweet Box  

Contents varies

American Candy & Gifts

Drinks From Around The World


 We cannot post anything in this category, please do not order unless you are a DL1, DL2 & DL3 postcode 

Biscoff Milkshake  

Reeses Peanut Butter Shake  

Galaxy Shake  

Galaxy Caramel Shake  

Daim Shake  

Nerds Shake  

White Kinder Bueno Shake  

Milk Kinder Bueno Milkshake  

Ferrero Rocher Shake  

Skittles Shake  

Chocolate Brownie Shake  

Hersheys Cookies Cream Shake  

Hersheys Milk Chocolate Shake  

Mars Bar Shake  

Crunchie Shake  

Snickers Shake  

Milky Bar Shake  

White Lion Bar Shake  

Freddo Shake  

Freddo Caramel Shake  

Bounty Shake  

Mint Aero Shake  

Riesen Shake  

Malteasers Shake  

Toffee Crisp Shake  

Twix Shake  

Oreo Shake  

Smarties Shake  

Bon Bons Shake  

Choose from:
Blue raspberry bon bons
Strawberry bon bons
Watermelon bon bons
Lemon bon bons
Toffee bon bons
Apple bon bons
Rhubarb & custard bon bons

Millions Shake  

Choose from:
Strawberry millions
Bubblegum millions
Apple millions
Cola millions
Blackcurrant millions
Orange millions

Nibbles Shake  

Choose from:
Chocolate nibbles
Orange chocolate nibbles
Mint chocolate nibbles
Toffee nibbles

Chocolate Peanuts Shake  

Chocolate Raisins Shake  

White Chocolate Fish Chips Shake  

Sherbet Pips Shake  

Pear Drops Shake  

Rhubarb Custard Shake  

Nut Brittle Shake  

Cinder Toffee Shake  

Sweet Peanuts Shake  

Parma Violets Shake  

Love Hearts Shake  

Nutella Shake  

Foam Banana Shake  

Shrimps Shake  

Galaxy Ripple Shake  

Milky Way Shake  

Pink White Mice Shake  

Dairy Milk Milkshake  

Twirl Milkshake  


Turkish Delight Milkshake  

Whisper Milkshake  

Double Decker Milkshake  

Toffee Popcorn  


Wham Bar Milkshake  

Frys Peppermint Cream  

Strawberry Refresher  


White KitKat  

Tooti Frootis  

Milkybar Buttons  

Smooth Shakes

 We cannot post anything in this category, please do not order unless you are a DL1, DL2 & DL3 postcode 

Banana Smooth Shakes  

Raspberry Smooth Shakes  

Strawberry Smooth Shakes  

Bubblegum Smooth Shakes  

Chocolate Smooth Shakes  

Vanilla Smooth Shakes  


 We cannot post anything in this category, please do not order unless you are a DL1, DL2 & DL3 postcode 

Original Frappe  

Caramel Frappe  

Vanilla Frappe  

Mint Chocolate Frappe  

Chocolate Frappe  

Pick n Mix

Savoury Snacks

Space Raiders  

Retro Sweet Shop



Ice Cream & Slushes

 We cannot post anything in this category, please do not order unless you are a DL1, DL2 & DL3 postcode 

We cannot guarantee slush and ice cream will stay 100% frozen on delivery's, however we will always try and deliver to you frozen


Flavours are subject to change

Gluten Free