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Luxury Tower Cakes


Reeses Peanut Butter Shake  

Daim Shake  

Nerds Shake  

White Kinder Bueno Shake  

Milk Kinder Bueno Milkshake  

Ferrero Rocher Shake  

Skittles Shake  

Mars Bar Shake  

Crunchie Shake  

Snickers Shake  

Milky Bar Shake  

White Lion Bar Shake  

Freddo Shake  

Freddo Caramel Shake  

Bounty Shake  

Mint Aero Shake  

Riesen Shake  

Malteasers Shake  

Toffee Crisp Shake  

Twix Shake  

Oreo Shake  

Revels Shake  

Smarties Shake  

Bon Bons Shake  

Choose from:
Blue raspberry bon bons
Strawberry bon bons
Watermelon bon bons
Lemon bon bons
Toffee bon bons
Apple bon bons
Rhubarb & custard bon bons

Millions Shake  

Choose from:
Strawberry millions
Bubblegum millions
Apple millions
Cola millions
Blackcurrant millions
Orange millions

Chocolate Peanuts Shake  

Chocolate Raisins Shake  

Sherbet Pips Shake  

Pear Drops Shake  

Rhubarb Custard Shake  

Nut Brittle Shake  

Cinder Toffee Shake  

Sweet Peanuts Shake  

Love Hearts Shake  

Foam Banana Shake  

Shrimps Shake  

Milky Way Shake  

Pink White Mice Shake  

Dairy Milk Milkshake  

Twirl Milkshake  


Turkish Delight Milkshake  

Whisper Milkshake  

Double Decker Milkshake  

Toffee Popcorn  


Wham Bar Milkshake  

Frys Peppermint Cream  

Strawberry Refresher  


Milkybar Buttons  

Terry's Chocolate Orange Milkshake  

Fruit Salad Milkshake  

Black Jack Milkshake  

Milky Way Milkshake  

Peanut M&M Milkshake  

Special Shakes

Tooti Frooti  

Skittles, millions, sherbet & strawberry sauce

Bubblegum Badboy  

Devils Wish  

Strawberry millions, strawberry bon bons, strawberry, cream pips & strawberry sauce


Blue raspberry, watermelon, apple bon bons & strawberry sauce

Kinder Mix  

Kinder bueno, kinder chocolate & chocolate sauce

Tasty Tangy  

Bubblegum, watermelon & cherry mega sours, strawberry sauce


Reeses peanut butter caps, nutella & chocolate sauce

Goldie Locks Shake  

Crunching & toffee popcorn

Cake Shakes

Custard Creams  

Wagon Wheel  

Chocolate Digestives  

Mini Roll  

Jammie Dodgers  

Smooth Shakes

Banana Smooth Shakes  

Raspberry Smooth Shakes  

Strawberry Smooth Shakes  

Bubblegum Smooth Shakes  

Chocolate Smooth Shakes  

Vanilla Smooth Shakes  

Pizza Boxes

Contents Vary

Tango Ice Blasts

Ice Blasts Blue Raspberry  

Ice Blasts Cherry  

Ice Blasts Mixed (Blue Raspberry and Cherry)  

Pick n Mix

Savoury Snacks

Space Raiders  

Sweet Shop



Ice Cream & Slushes

We cannot guarantee slush and ice cream will stay 100% frozen on delivery's, however we will always try and deliver to you frozen

Gluten Free

Sugar Free Sweets


Retro Box Deal 1  

£5 pick & mix selection &
Choosee one of the Item below
2 Large Icecream
2 Large Ice blasts
2 Large shakes


Sprinkle Sponge Cake  

Bobbys Crisp




Coca Cola  

Diet Coca Cola  

Coke Zero  

Coke Vanilla  

Coke Cherry  


Dr Pepper  



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