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Tomato and cheese

Al Funghi  




Vegetarian Special  

Mushrooms, pineapple, sweetcorn, peppers and onions

Vegetarian Hot  

Mushrooms, onions, peppers and jalapenos

London Pizza  

Chips, donner and garlic dip (garlic base also available)

Donner Pizza  

Donner meat and garlic dip


Bolognese sauce

Bolognese Hot Shot  

Bolognese, onions and jalapenos


Chicken, beef, onions and jalapenos

Tandoori Chicken  

Tandoori chicken, onions and jalapenos

Meat Feast  

Pepperoni, salami, beef, chicken and ham



Spicy Beef  

Spicy beef and mushrooms


Pepperoni, salami, peppers and jalapenos

Hot Shot  

Pepperoni, onions, peppers and jalapenos

Hot Ďní Spicy  

Bolognese, pepperoni, onions, peppers and jalapenos

Mexican Hot  

Bolognese, mushrooms, onions and jalapenos



Ham & Mushrooms  

Ham & Pineapple  


Ham, mushrooms and onions

Quattro Stagioni  

Ham, pepperoni, mushrooms and peppers


Ham, chicken and garlic butter



Pollo Kiev  

Chicken and garlic butter

Pollo Funghi  

Chicken and mushrooms

Chicken & Sweetcorn  

Cheeky Chicken  

Double chicken and double ham

Pollo Mamonie  

Chicken, mushrooms and onions

Pollo Supreme  

Chicken, mushrooms, sweetcorn and pineapple

BBQ Chicken  

BBQ Meat Feast  

BBQ chicken, pepperoni, salami and ham 

Texas BBQ Chicken  

BBQ sauce, cheese, chicken, peppers and onions

American BBQ  

BBQ sauce, cheese, pepperoni, beef and onions


Tuna and onions

Seafood Special  

Tuna, prawns and onions

Milano Specia  

A bit of everything! (Excluding Seafood)


Folded pizza – All calzone pizzas are served with chips and garlic dip

Donner Calzone  

Donner meat and mushrooms

Kiev Calzone  

Chicken and garlic butter

Veggie Calzone  

Mushrooms, peppers, onions, sweetcorn and pineapple

Meat Calzone  

Pepperoni, salami, bolognese, ham and chicken

Garlic Bread

Plain Garlic Bread  

Garlic Bread with Tomato  

Garlic Bread with Cheese  

Garlic Bread with Cheese & Mushrooms  

Garlic Bread with Cheese & Bolognese  

Garlic Bread with Donner Meat, Chips & Garlic Dip  


Served with fresh salad and choice of sauce. Add 50p for chips instead of salad.

Donner Kebab  

Seasoned minced lamb, cooked on a spit

Chicken Kebab  

Marinated pieces of chicken breast, cooked over charcoal

Special Chicken Kebab  

Chicken and donner meat

Shish Kebab  

Marinated pieces of lamb fillet, cooked over charcoal

Special Shish Kebab  

Lamb fillet and donner meat

Milanos Mega Box  

Chicken, shish, donner meat and beef burger, served in a 12” box with chips, salad, pitta and choice of sauce

Portion of Donner Meat  

Donner Meat & Chips  

Kebab Wraps

Served with chips, fresh salad, choice of sauce and drink.


Chicken fillet, served with chips, fresh salad and choice of sauce

Chicken Parmesan  

Chicken fillet topped with cheese sauce

Al Funghi Parmesan  

Chicken fillet topped with cheese sauce and mushrooms

Pepperoni Parmesan  

Chicken fillet topped with cheese sauce and pepperoni

Bolognese Parmesan  

Chicken fillet topped with cheese sauce and bolognese

Kiev Parmesan  

Chicken fillet topped with cheese sauce and garlic butter

Hot Shot Parmesan  

Chicken fillet topped with cheese sauce, pepperoni, peppers, onions and jalapenos

Meat Feast Parmesan  

Chicken fillet topped with cheese sauce, pepperoni, salami, bologenes and ham

Milanos Special Parmesan  

Chicken fillet with a taste of all toppings


Served in a sesame bun with chips, fresh salad and choice of sauce.

Plain Burger  

Bueger With Cheese  




Donner Burger  

Chicken Burger  

Garlic Burger  

Chilli Burger  

Chicken Dishes

All served with chips, salad and garlic dip.

Roast Chicken Portion  

Kids Specials

All served with chips and carton of juice.



Chip Butty  

Chips & Cheese  

Chips, Cheese & Bolognese  


with sauce


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