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We use almond mixed powder. Products contain peanuts, nuts and/or seeds

Special Offers



Cheese & tomato

Al Funghi  

Cheese, tomato & mushrooms


Cheese, tomato & tuna


Cheese, tomato, prawns, onions & garlic butter


Cheese, tomato, tuna & onions

Sea Dragon  

Cheese, tomato, tuna, prawns, cockles, mussels & garlic butter


Cheese, tomato & ham

Ham Mushroom  

Cheese, tomato, ham & mushrooms


Cheese, tomato, ham, mushrooms, onions & garlic butter


Cheese, tomato & pepperoni


Cheese, tomato & salami

Vegetarian Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, onions, mushrooms, sweetcorn, peppers & pineapple

Punjabi Vegetarian  

Cheese, tomato, onions, mushrooms, sweetcorn & peppers


Cheese, tomato, ham & pineapple

Four Seasons  

Cheese, tomato, onions, mushrooms, pepperoni & ham

Calzone Folded  

Cheese, tomato, onions, mushrooms, pepperoni & ham


Cheese, tomato, pepperoni, ham, chicken & garlic butter

Hot Spicy Special Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, onions, salami, pepperoni, jalapeno & garlic

Kebab Pizza  

Cheese, tomato & kebab meat


Cheese, tomato, chicken & sweetcorn

Pollo Hawaiian  

Cheese, tomato, chicken & pineapple

Pollo Supreme  

Cheese, tomato, chicken, mushrooms & pineapple

Pollo Funghi  

Cheese, tomato, chicken, mushrooms & garlic

Pollo Momonie  

Cheese, tomato, chicken, mushrooms, onions & garlic butter

Pollo BBQ  

Cheese, tomato, chicken & BBQ sauce


Cheese, tomato, ham, chicken, onions & garlic

A la Porka  

Cheese, tomato, pepperoni, onions & bacon


Cheese, tomato, bolognese, mushrooms, chilli & garlic

Quattro Stagioni  

Cheese, tomato, ham, pepperoni, salami & chicken


Cheese, tomato & homemade bolognese

London Special Pizza  

Margherita topped with chips & kebab meat

Chicken Kiev  

Cheese, tomato, chicken & garlic

Chicken Tikka Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, onions & chicken tikka

All Meat Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, bolognese, pepperoni, salami & ham

Kebab Folded Pizza with Chilli Sauce  

Donner meat, salad & chilli sauce

Kebab Folded Pizza with Garlic Sauce  

Donner meat, salad & garlic sauce

Sheara Special Pizza  

Cheese, tomato & a bit of everything


Cheese, tomato, chicken tikka, bolognese sauce, fenugreek (methi), fresh coriander, onions & sweetcorn

Hot Shot  

Cheese, tomato, pepperoni & jalapeno

Punjabi Pizza  

Chicken tikka, red onions, green chilli, coriander & spices

Meat Feast  

Cheese, tomato, pepperoni, ham, chicken tikka & salami

London Pizza  

Margherita topped with chips

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread  

Garlic Bread with Tomato  

Garlic Bread with Cheese  

Garlic Bread with Cheese Mushroom  

Mexican Garlic Bread with Jalapeno Peppers  



All served with salad, sauce & pitta bread

Donner Kebab  

Minced lamb with spices

Chicken Kebab  

Chicken breast pieces with spices

Donner Kebab Chips  

No pitta bread

Shish Kebab  

Fillet of lamb with spice & donner meat

Kofta Kebab  

Minced lamb & donner meat

Special Mixed Kebab  

Donner, shish, kofta & chicken meat

Kebab Donner in a Bun  

Donner kebab with salad & chips

Sheara Special Box Kebab  

Punjabi Kebab  

Chicken tikka, fried onion & green peppers, fairly hot

Punjabi Box Kebab  

Punjabi Donner Kebab  

Chicken Tikka Kebab  

American Burgers

Served with chips, salad & sauce

Beef Burger  


Garlic Burger  

Bolognese Burger  

Chilli Burger  

Hawaiian Burger  

Chicken Burger  

Pepperoni Burger  

Sheara Special Burger  

Topped with kebab meat


Served with salad & chips


Chicken fillet topped with white sauce & cheddar cheese

Parmesan Hot Shot  

Pepperoni, peppers, chilli & garlic

Parmesan Funghi  

Mushrooms & garlic

Parmesan Explosive  

Salami, mushrooms, chilli & garlic

Parmesan Zeno  

Onion & garlic

Parmesan Hawaiian  

Ham & pineapple

Punjabi Parmesan  

Fairly hot Punjabi style

Pepperoni Parmesan  

Kebab Parmesan  

South. Fried Chicken

All served with chips


Something Different
All served with chips OR salad, sauce OR coleslaw, if served separately an additional charge will apply.

Chicken Wrap  

Kebab Wrap  

Mixed Wrap  

Punjabi Style Chicken Wrap  

Fairly hot

Punjabi Style Donner Wrap  

Fairly hot

Chicken Tikka Wrap  

Chicken Tikka Wrap  

Kofta Wrap  

With kebab meat option

Lamb Shish Wrap  

With kebab meat option

Southern Fried Chicken Wrap  

Parmo Wrap  

Mexican Combo Wrap  

Fairly hot

Punjabi Mixed Wrap  

Fairly hot

Side Orders


Chips with Garlic Sauce  

Chips with Chilli Sauce  

Chips Cheese  

Chips Cheese with Garlic Sauce  

Chips Cheese with Chilli Sauce  



Curry Sauce  

Chilli Dip  

Garlic Dip  

Kids Meals

All boxed with tomato sauce



Diet Coke  




Dr Pepper  

Irn Bru  


Cherry Coke  


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