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Pepperoni Lover  

cheese, tomato sauce, pepperoni layered


cheese, tomato sauce, pepperoni

Ham & Pineapple  

cheese, tomato sauce, ham, pineapple

Chicken Supreme  

cheese, tomato, sauce, onion, sweetcorn, mushroom, chicken tikka

Meat feast  

Tomato sauce, cheese, chicken tikka, chili beef, ham, pepperoni

Ham And Cheese  

Tomato sauce, cheese, ham

Ham and Mushroom  

Cheese, tomato sauce ham, mushroom

Chicken and Sweetcorn  

Cheese, tomato sauce, chicken tikka, sweetcorn

BBQ Pulled Pork  

BBQ sauce, cheese, pulled pork

BBQ Meat feast  

BBQ sauce, cheese, ham, beef, chicken, pepperoni

BBQ Chicken Tikka  

BBQ sauce, cheese, chicken tikka

Ultimate Chilli  

Jalapenos, spicy beef, spicy chicken, chilli flakes, cheese, tomato sauce

Vegetarian Spicy  

Tomato sauce, cheese, mushroom, olives, sweetcorn, onion, chilli flakes, jalapenos


Tomato sauce, cheese, mushroom, olives, sweetcorn, onion

Garlic and Cheese  

Garlic pasta and cheese (homemade)


Cheese and tomato sauce



Jacket Potatoes

Jacket Potatoes  

Side Order

Childrens Menu



Bottle of Fizzy Drink  


Monster Energy Drink  

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