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Alcoholic drinks

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Tikka Starter  


Coated lightly spiced pastry then deep fried


Nepalese Starters

Chinese Appetisers

Tadndoori Oven Main Dishes

Meat, chicken or king prawn in a blend of freshly ground spices, herbs and yoghurt sauce, barbecued in the clay oven. Served sizzling with green salad and mint yoghurt sauce.

Tikka Sizzling  

Off the bone with Fried Onion


Skewered with onion, capsicum and tomato

Authentic Indian Dishes

Jalfrezi   Popular

Marinated in selected spices, cooked in a special sauce with fresh green chillies

Fairly Hot,

Tikka Bhuna  

Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with medium spices in a thick sauce

Medium Hot,

Tikka Chilli Massala Special   Popular

Chicken or lamb tikka marinated with special spices and chillies

Fairly Hot,

Tikka Chana  

Chicken or lamb cooked with chick peas

Medium Hot,

Tamarind Bhuna  

Chicken or lamb cooked with tamarind sauce and medium spices

Medium Hot,

Tikka Dansak  

Chicken or lamb cooked with red lentils and spices.

Medium Hot, Mild Dish,

Authentic Bangladeshi Dishes

Tikka Rezalla  

Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with freshly ground spices, onion, tomato, green pepper and egg in a thick sauce.

Medium Hot,

Special Shobzi  

Mixed vegetables cooked in ground spices with chicken or lamb in a medium sauce, something different

Medium Hot,

Manchurian   Popular

Tender chicken strips or lamb with slices of onion and green pepper in a special sauce

Medium Hot,

Zalwala   Popular

Cooked in freshly made coriander, tomato, ginger, garlic, green pepper and Bengal naga chilli in a thick sauce

Fairly Hot,

Luknobi   Popular

Spicy sauce cooked with herbs and spices

Medium Hot, Sweet & Sour

Bengal Chilli Spinach  

Chicken or lamb cooked with fresh herbs, spices, spinach and fresh green chillies

Fairly Hot,

Shatkora   Popular

Very popular dish in West Bengal. Chicken or lamb cooked with ginger, onion, various herbs and medium spices with shatkora fruit. Something different, this is a mouth-watering dish

Medium Hot,


Cooked with achary sour pickle and medium spices

Tara Special  

Cooked with yogurt and freshly ground star seed and spices

Chefs Special Dishes

Tikka Massala  

Cooked in tandoori clay oven, marinated in a special sauce with cream, almonds and coconut powder

Mild Dish,


Chicken or lamb cooked with cheese,mild spicy sauce and coconut powder

Mild Dish,


Cooked with butter ghee in a mild special sauce

Mild Dish,


Cooked in red wine with mild spices, coconut and almond powder

Mild Dish,

Special Korma  

Very special occasion, (cooked with bay leaves, cinnamon)

Mild Dish,

Bombay Special  Popular

Special sauce cooked with cheese, coconut and almond powder

Mild Dish,

Phalok Tikka Massala  

Special sauce cooked with tikka massala and spinach

Mild Dish,

Something Special Dishes

Special Balti Dishes

A delicate medium spiced dish cooked with fresh onion, green pepper, herbs and special balti sauce.


Tikka Balti  

Healthy Options

All dishes cooked with Medium special sauce, garlic, ginger, fresh herbs and spices.


Tikka Bhuna  

Biryani Dishes

Cooked with basmati pilau rice and delicate spices, served with separate mixed vegetable curry.


Medium Hot,

Traditional Curries


Cooked with coconut powder in cream sauce

Mild Dish,


With mixed fruit.

Mild Dish,


Medium Hot,


Fairly Hot,


Very Hot,


with fried onion

Medium Hot,


with spices in a thick sauce

Medium Hot,


With tomato

Medium Hot,


with methi leaves cooked in a medium thick sauce

Medium Hot,


with coconut powder

Medium Hot, Mild Dish,


with pineapple

Medium Hot,


Cooked with spinach

Medium Hot,

Mushroom Curry  

Medium Hot,

Jalfrezi or Korai


with fresh green chillies and spices

Fairly Hot,


with capisicum, tomato, onion and spices

Medium Hot,

Persian Dishes


Cooked with lentils

Medium Hot, Sweet & Sour


Fairly Hot, Sweet & Sour

Traditional Nepalese Dishes

Chinese Main Dishes

Sweet Sour  

Medium Hot,

Chinese Curry  

Medium Hot,


Medium Hot,

Salt Pepper  

Medium Hot,

Chow Mein Dishes

Chow Mein  


Singapore Chow Mein  


Fairly Hot,

Thai Dishes

Childrens Meals

Nepalese Side Dishes

Vegetable Side Dishes

All side dishes medium hot.
Any Vegetables as a main course £ 5.95



All rice dishes cooked with spiced Indian basmati rice

Nan Bread

Indian Clay Oven Nann Bread

English Dishes

All served with green salad


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