124 reviews of O YES Pizza


Antonio - 10 Aug 2018

Very good and very tasty

Dan - 11 Jul 2018


Nerijus - 13 May 2018

Brilliant service fast delivery

caroline - 05 May 2018

Disgusting, first and last time I will order from this take away. I do expect something that resembles chicken not watery under cooked mess. In both the ‘popcorn chicken’ and ‘chicken wrap’ the meat was just awful. All order was correct bar the chips I had asked for chips cheese and burger sauce however was given chips cheese and beans I called them to say he appolagised and said it would be 20 minutes until the correct ones arrived it has been 45 and nothing has came. Appalled not even worth £2

Elisha - 20 Apr 2018

Flavoursome and hot

kay - 14 Apr 2018

Very Good

Ron - 04 Apr 2018


Simon - 06 Mar 2018

Very Good

Rebecca - 03 Feb 2018


arturas - 20 Jan 2018


arturas - 20 Jan 2018

Ages to deliver, free pizza was burned. £13.00 for two pizzas shouldn’t be bad value but should have made cheese on toast. I had to work for an hour and a half to afford this- taking the mic a bit!

Sean - 15 Jan 2018

Really Good Food.

Lee - 22 Dec 2017

Pizza’s where burnt though was awarded a free bottle of drink and arrived an hour earlier then planned

Ginge - 11 Dec 2017

Fumin pizza feels like it was sat there for at least 45mins befre it was sent out for delivery chips cold and burger just warm enough to eat you really will lose me as a customer soon as past few deliveries have been awful

Ashlea - 10 Dec 2017


TRACEY - 08 Dec 2017


Matthew - 01 Dec 2017


Michelle - 30 Nov 2017

do not use messed up order for me to wait over an hr for them to sort out.when I rang to say I'm still waiting after an hr after there mistake was tols what do u want me to do about it very rude DON'T USE !!!!!

sian - 25 Nov 2017

Turned up an hour late, was cold and tastes disgusting! Donor meat was like plastic texture and pizza was burnt. My sons popcorn chicken were nuggets not popcorn chicken. Just thrown the whole lot in the bin! £26 wasted! Not happy customer is an under statement !

Chris - 24 Nov 2017

Not happy I order 1.5 litre of coco cola and the pizza’s was cold! Chips and onion rings taste awful! I will not order from them again! Strange we enjoy it 2 weeks ago and now this!!!

Mandy - 24 Nov 2017

Not bad door but disappointed about the pizza when only got one it's meant to buy 1 get 1 free

jennie - 18 Nov 2017

Very Good

Darren - 17 Nov 2017

Very Good

Ginge - 11 Nov 2017

Very Good

Amy - 02 Nov 2017

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