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9" Regular, 12" Large, 15" X-large
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Cheese, tomato, pepperoni, mushrooms, ham, green peppers, sweetcorn, spicy beef & onions


Cheese, tomato, onions, green pepper, mushrooms, sweetcorn, chillies & fresh tomato

Vegetarian with Chilli  

Cheese, tomato, onions, green pepper, mushrooms, sweetcorn, chillies & fresh tomato


Cheese, tomato, meat balls, pepperoni, jalapenos, peppers & sweetcorn

Hot Mexican  

Cheese, hot chillies, green peppers, pepperoni & onions

Meat Heat  

Cheese, tomato, pepperoni, ham & spicy beef


Cheese, tomato, prawns, tuna, anchovies & sweetcorn

Just Pepperoni  

Cheese, tomato & triple layers of pepperoni

Donner Delight  

Cheese, tomato, donner meat, green peppers, onions & jalapenos

Beef Eater  

Cheese, tomato, beef, onions & mushrooms

Famous Special  

Cheese, tomato, onions, sweetcorn, spicy beef, jalapeno, green peppers, garlic & herbs

Peri Peri Pizza  

Cheese & tomato, chicken, jalapeno, onions, green peppers & sweetcorn


Cheese, tomato, ham, pineapple & sweetcorn

Chicken Supreme  

Cheese, tomato, spicy chicken, mushrooms & sweetcorn

Ham Mushroom  

Cheese, tomato, ham & mushroom

Cheese Tomato  


All kebabs are served with salad & sauce

Donner Meat Chips  

Donner Kebab  

Chicken Kebab  

Chicken Tikka Roll Kebab  

Kebab Roll (Lamb)  


All burgers are served with salad & sauce


Served with salad & sauce


1 Piece of Chicken  

6 Pieces of Chicken Hot Wings  

Piri Piri Chicken

A healthy innovation in fast food world, peri peri "pepper-pepper" in Swahili, the cooking process entails marinated chicken steam cooked & then char grilled with your choice of flavour to suit your taste bud (lemon & herb, mild, hot OR extra hot)
All piri piri meals are served with fries & a can of soft drink

Chicken Breast Burger  

Chicken Breast Pitta  

Piri Piri Wrap  

5 Piri Piri Wings  

5 Piri Piri Strips  

Quarter Piri Piri Chicken  

Half Peri Peri Chicken  

Whole Peri Peri Chicken  

Whole BBQ Peri Peri Chicken  

Fish Dishes

Masala Fish  

Side Orders


Chips with Cheese  

Kids Meal

Served with fries & drink

Meal Deals


Ice Cream  



Diet Pepsi  



Carton of Rubico  


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