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Deal of the Day

Half and Half Deal  

Curry and Rice in one container

Set Meals


Lamb Tikka Roll  

Meal served with fries & a can of soft drink (with naan)

Chicken Tikka Roll  

Meal served with fries & a can of soft drink (with naan)

Kebab Roll  

Meal served with fries & a can of soft drink (with naan)

Roll with Chapati  

Tandoori Dishes

All these dishes are marinated in herbs selected spices & grilled in our special tandoori (clay oven). Served with fresh salad & mint sauce

Tandoori Chicken Main  

Tikka Main  


Barbecued with onion, tomato & green pepper

Balti Special

Cooked with ground garam masala, ground coriander, herbs & spices to suit every palate. Its medium & rich with flavour. Served with naan bread (upgrade to any naan for 50p extra)


Saagwala Balti  

Cooked with spinach

Lemon Balti  

Garlic Chilli Balti  

Chefs Specialities


Cooked in fresh cream & cultured yoghurt

Tikka Masala  

Cooked in specially prepared delicately flavoured sauce


Cooked in creamy almond flavoured sauce

Medium Dishes

Garlic Bakara  

Cooked in thick sauce with extra garlic

Tikka Rajastani  

Cooked with onion & green pepper in a tangy sauce

Tikka Korai  

Spices & herbs, onion, tomato & green pepper, a very tasty dish

Tikka Jeera  

Spiced cooked with cumin seeds

Tikka Bahar  

Cooked with spinach & special sauce


Cooked with a tangy flavoured sauce with fresh herbs & spices


Cooked with mint & fresh herbs, selected spices with a sweet & tangy taste


Medium spiced. Cooked with special herbs, onions, green peppers & tomatoes with shatkora

Garlic Zoytun Tikka  

Cooked with extra garlic & olive oil

Master Chef’s Special  

Cooked with garlic & tangy special sauce


Cooked with garlic & mushroom

Nowabi (Mild)  

Cooked with chef's own recipe

Hasina (Hot)  

Cooked with ginger, garlic, coriander & green chillies

Jesmin (Mild)  

Coconut flavour (buttery taste)

Hot Dishes



Cooked with green chilli sauce with fresh herbs & spices

Chilli Masala  

Cooked with special chilli sauce

Jalzala Extremely Hot  

Garlic & ginger cooked with our special selection of herbs & chillies

Jalzala Hot  

Garlic & ginger cooked with our special selection of herbs & chillies

Phall Toopan  

Extremely hot curry!!!
Extremely hot

Tikka Morisa  

Cooked with our special selection of herbs & chillies
Very hot

Korma Dishes

Most suitable for beginners. A delicate preparation of ground almonds, coconut, cream & spices producing a very mild but rich, creamy texture


Traditional Curries


A sauce of medium consistency, produced from a wide but balanced range of spices, giving a standard flavour


Fairly hot


Very hot


Cooked with onions, tomatoes & selected spices extensively treated to produce a dish of medium strength spicy but one of the most tasteful dishes

Rogan Josh  

A thoroughly garnished dish. Cooked bhuna style with spicy tomatoes & onion dressing spicy but one of the most tasteful dishes


Slightly spicy in a special medium hot curry sauce, cooked with tomato, potato & egg


Cooked with coconut
Fairly hot


A beautiful combination of spices with lentils & garlic producing a hot, sweet & sour taste


A beautiful combination of spices with garlic producing a hot, sweet & sour taste


Cooked with onions, green pepper & selected spices in a medium dry sauce

Saag (Medium)  

Cooked with spinach

Saag (Hot)  

Cooked with spinach

Saag (Mild)  

Cooked with spinach

Mushroom (Mild)  

Mushroom (Medium)  

Mushroom (Hot)  


Madras Sauce  

Vindaloo Sauce  

Ceylon Sauce  

Korma Sauce  

Masala Sauce  

Dansak Sauce  

Pathia Sauce  

Rogan Josh Sauce  

Bhuna Sauce  

Butter Sauce  

Chilli Masala Sauce  

Jalfrezi Sauce  

Jalzala Sauce  

Curry Sauce (Medium)  

Biryani Dishes

Biryani dishes are prepared with basmati rice. Served with vegetable curry


Persian Biryani  

Cooked with pineapple & omelette

Vegetable Dishes

Vegetable Bhaji  

Dry vegetables

Bhindi Bhaji  


Cauliflower Bhaji  

Bombay Aloo  

Spiced potato

Vegetable Curry  

Brinjal Bhaji  


Mushroom Bhaji  

Saag Bhaji  


Tarka Daal  

Garlic flavoured lentils

Aloo Gobi  

Cauliflower & potato

Saag Aloo  

Spinach & potato

Chana Masala  


Saag Paneer  

Spinach & cheese

Mutter Paneer  

Peas & cheese

Garlic Potato  

Potato with extra garlic

Aloo Gobi with Cheese  

Chilli Paneer  

Indian cheese with green chilli

Rice Dishes

Plain Rice  


Fried Rice  

Pilau Rice  


Egg Pilau Rice  

Oriental Rice  

Cooked with prawn & peas

Mushroom Pilau Rice  

Chicken Fried Rice  

Special Fried Rice  

Mixed vegetables with eggs

Lemon Rice  

Vegetable Pilau Rice  

Garlic Fried Rice  

Coconut Rice  

Keema Rice  

Mince meat






Diet Coca-Cola  

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