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All our pizzas are made fresh to order with 100% mozzarella cheese, special tomato sauce & the finest ingredients.
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Margherita  V

Mozzarella cheese and tomato


Mozzarella cheese, tomato, ham and pineapple

Ham & Mushroom  

Mozzarella cheese, tomato, ham and mushrooms

Pepperoni Lovers  

Mozzarella cheese, tomato and pepperoni

Vegetarian  V

Mozzarella cheese, tomato, onions, mushrooms, sweetcorn and green peppers

Pepperoni & Mushroom  

Mozzareila cheese, tomato, pepperoni and mushrooms

Chicken & Mushroom  

Mozzarella cheese, tomato, chicken and mushrooms

Chicken & Sweetcorn  

Mozzarella cheese, tomato, sweetcorn and chicken

Meat Special  

Mozzarella cheese, tomato, pepperoni, spicy beef, chicken and ham


Mozzaretia cheese, tomato, pineapple, mushrooms, onion and chillies


Chicken Supreme  

Mozzarella cheese, tomato, chicken,mushrooms and sweetcorn

Chef's Special  

Mozzarella cheese, tomato, onions, chicken, mushrooms, green peppers and pepperoni

Spicy Hot One  

Mozzarella cheese, tomato, spicy beef, pepperoni, onions, jalapenos and mushrooms


BBQ Special  

Mozzarella cheese, tomato, chicken, onion, mushrooms, green peppers and sweetcorn

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread Pizza Base  

Garlic Bread with Cheese  

Garlic Bread with Cheese Mushroom  


All burgers are served with salad & sauce

Beef Burger  

Cheese burger  

Chicken Burger  

Chilli Burger  

Donner Burger  

Vegetarian Burger  


All kebabs are served with salad & sauce

Donner Kebab  

Lamb finely minced and seasoned and cooked on an upright spit

Chicken Kebab  

Cubes of chicken marinated in oil and lemon juice and chargrilled on skewers

Special Chicken Kebab  

As above grilled green oeooers,onion and mushrooms

Combination Kebabs

All are served with salad & sauce

Donner & Chicken  

Chicken & Kofte  

Chicken & Lamb Kofte  


Chicken Wings


Fresh and prepared on the premises


Chips with Cheese  

Chips, Cheese, Mayo & Salad  

Chipsin Pitta  


Meal Deals

Any Pizzas  




Diet Coca-Cola  



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