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Delivery Notes:
Please note the following areas are subject to different minimum order values if these are not fulfilled, we may reject your order :
£6 min order in Spalding, Pode Hole, Spalding Common
£7 min order in Pinchbeck, Weston, Peak Hill, Cowbit, West Pinchbeck
£10 min order in Deeping St Nicholas, Surfleet, Tongue End, Westone Hills
£12 min order in Gosberton, Moulton, Moulton Seas End, Quadring, Surfleet Seas End, Whaplode
£15 min order in Moulton Chapel, Algakirk, Donnington, Fosdyke, Gosberton Clough, Gosberton Risegate, Bicker and Crowland


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Special Offers


Side dishes





Tikka Starter  


Tandoori Dishes

All served with green salad & mint sauce

Tandoori Chicken  

Tikka Main  


Served with naan. Chicken OR lamb marinated in exotic spices, barbecued with onions, tomatoes & capsicum

Chefs Specialities

Highly recommended by our chef

Tikka Masala  

Grilled chicken OR lamb cooked in special sauce with cream


Spring lamb OR chicken barbecued & cooked with butter & special spices


Spring lamb OR chicken cooked in exotic & medium spices with rose syrup

Tikka Garlic  

Medium with chicken OR lamb

Tikka Bhuna  

Well spiced. Choice of chicken OR lamb

Tikka Rogan  

Cooked with tomatoes & spices
Medium Hot

Tikka Dupiaza  

Cooked with onions, peppers & spices
Medium Hot

Balti Dishes

Exclusive New Balti Dishes
Very rich & spicy with green chilli & coriander. Add spinach, chana OR mushroom for 50p extra
Choice of hot OR very hot

Chicken Dishes

All chicken is off the bone breast

Meat Dishes

Seafood Dishes

Biryani Dishes

Biryanis are stir fried with pilau rice & garnished, served with either mild, medium OR hot vegetable curry

Tikka Biryani  

Grilled chicken OR lamb cooked with pilau rice & spices served with a vegetable curry

Persian Dishes

Try these dishes - something a little different. Sweet, sour & hot served with pilau rice

Vegetable Dishes

Mixed Vegetable Curry  

Dried Vegetable Bhaji  

Cauliflower & Aloo Bhaji  

Saag Aloo  

Bombay Aloo  

Mushroom Bhaji  

Saag Bhaji  

Chana Dupiaza  

With chickpeas

Bhindi Bhaji  

With okra

Daal Tarka  

With lentils & garlic

Rice Dishes


English Dishes

All dishes served with chips & peas


Extra toppings available

Set Meals


Extra toppings and stuffed crust option available

Margherita Pizza  

Cheese & tomato

Funghi Pizza  

Cheese, tomato & mushroom

Pepperoni Pizza  

Cheese, tomato & pepperoni

Chicken Pizza  

Cheese, tomato & chicken

Salami Pizza  

Cheese, tomato & salami

Proscuitto Pizza  

Cheese, tomato & ham

Prawn Pizza  

Cheese, tomato & prawn

Napolioni Pizza  

Cheese, tomato & anchovies

Bolognese Pizza  

Cheese, tomato & bolognese sauce

Keema Supreme Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, ham, succulent lamb mince

Caprese Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, mushroom & salami

Primavera Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, ham & pineapple

Pazza Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, ham & salami

Milanese Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, mushroom & ham

Hasina Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, chicken tikka, ham & pineapple

Venisera Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, mushroom, ham & salami

Hawaiian Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, mushroom, ham & pineapple

Toscana Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, mushroom, pepperoni & salam

Kebab Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, onion, green pepper & kebab meat

Pescatore (Seafood) Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, tuna, prawn & anchovy

Quindici Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, onion, green pepper, pepperoni & jalapeno
Hot & Spicy

Quattro Staggioni Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, mushroom, ham, salami & anchovies. Four seasons

Capricciosa Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, mushroom, ham, green pepper & salami

Mexicano Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, onion, green pepper, pepperoni & keema

Vegetarian Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, mushroom, onion, green pepper & sweetcorn


Meat Feast Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, chicken tikka, spicy beef, kebab meat, ham & pepperoni

Bambini Pizza  

Cheese, tomato, ham, kebab meat, chicken tikka, bolognese, pineapple & fresh tomato

Garlic Bread

Pizza Base Garlic Bread  

Pizza Base Garlic Bread with Cheese  


Served with salad & sauce

Quarter Pounder Beef Burger  

Quarter Pounder Cheeseburger  

Half Pounder Beef Burger  

Half Pounder Cheeseburger  

Quarter Pounder Chicken Burger  

Fish Burger  

Fish (Cod) Burger  

Chicken Fillet Burger  

Chicken Tikka in Bun  

Lamb Tikka in Bun  


Donner Meat in a Tray  

Donner Meat in Naan (Roll)  

Donner Meat in Naan with Chips (Roll)  

Donner Meat in Naan with Cheese (Roll)  

Donner Meat & Chips in a Tray  

Donner Meat, Chips & Cheese in a Tray  

Chicken Kebab Roll (Naan)  


Chicken Tikka Roll (Naan)  


Lamb Tikka Roll (Naan)  

Chicken Tikka Meat & Chips  

Lamb Tikka Meat & Chips  


Chilli Naan Sandwich  

Naan Sandwich  

South. Fried Chicken

Chicken & Chips  

Chicken Breast & Chips  

Spicy Chicken Wings  

Spicy Chicken Wings & Chips  

Jacket Potatoes

Extra toppings available

Side Orders



Kids Meals

Kids Beef Burger  

Kids Cheeseburger  




Diet Coca-Cola  



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